Second Skin Cream 30ml
BONOTOX Second Skin Cream How to use? Suggest usage: 3-4 times a week To be used as final step of skincare regimen. Apply a generous layer over entire face and spread evenly with spatula provided. Allow 15-20 minutes for it...
$95.00 SGD
Multi Perfection Cream 50ml
BONOTOX Multi Perfection Cream How to use? Suggest usage: Daily - both Morning and Evening Massage cream onto face by using gentle upward and outward stroke. Follow with makeup routine in the day or go to sleep at night without...
$85.00 SGD

All new skincare

A new and unique formula created to retain maximum moisture and ensure full comfort while in use.

Suitable for everyone

Our advanced formula and active ingredients are delicate and non-invasive, while still producing incredible results.

Skin Technology

Created to feel lightweight and to allow your skin to breathe, with advanced wrap technology that makes it feel if you’re applying a second skin.

Molecular Layer

Active anti-ageing ingredients are mixed with nano-sized liposome molecules to allow for faster and deeper penetration of your skin's molecular layer.

Retains Moisture

A protein double layer traps the moisture and active ingredients as it dries, preventing evaporation and increasing skin permeability.

What makes BONOTOX stand out?

Our product range was created with the comfort of consumers in mind. We strive to cut back the time you spend on your routine and substantially increase ease of application.

Improves skin appearance and elasticity

The deeply permeating active ingredients will work to completely rejuvenate your skin and make it feel young again.

Quick and easy application

Our lightweight formula allows for seamless application and lets you go about your day as normal. Apply whenever, and leave overnight if you want to!

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